It's a debate as old as time. I'm sure you've had it multiple times with multiple groups of people throughout your lifetime and I want to bring the debate to the forefront once again this week.

What is the BEST sports movie of all time?

Round one is complete and we had some sizable upsets as well as some close calls.

The biggest upset was the falling of the number one seed Love and Basketball to the number 32 seeded Little Giants living up to the name of the movie who are proving they're not going quietly here in this bracket. Little Giants received 82% of your vote.

We also had number 28 The Rookie defeating number 5 Million Dollar Baby with 74% of the vote and here's my biggest surprise as 9 seeded Sandlot fell to 24 seeded Jerry McGuire with 58% of your vote.

Here were our closest calls. 22 Brian's Song edged 11 The Natural with 53%, 12 Moneyball downing Bull Durham with 53%, and 13 Field of Dreams defeating He Got Game with 52% of the vote.

So, here we go to Round 2!

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