It was the day I switched sides officially.

As a kid, I grew up a Wolverine fan. It was purely out of spite. My dad was a HUGE MSU guy and graduate so everyone in our house was a Spartan fan. I wanted to be different. I made my parents buy me Michigan stuff and was a fan up until this game. Michigan was #1 headed in to the game and it was called "Number One Versus No One."

The way MSU played that day... Hard nosed, tough UNDERDOGS. It appealed to me. Plus, I was exposed to some rabid Wolverines. Fans that were so nasty and so far from the spirit of what the game is supposed to be, I never wore the colors again until I lost a bet.

Now, Desmond Howard clearly dropped that ball. He MAY have been incidentally tripped but the ball hit his hands...

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