Sports are back!! Well, kind of...

The NFL Draft is actually taking place. A real, televised event with a long list of options to make wagers throughout all of the different sportsbooks mobile apps. With that said, I have been studying all of the options and decided to share the options that stick out...

When will Tua Tagovailoa be drafted?

Draft Props-Player Draft Position:Tua Tagovailoa Draft Specials:Over 5.5 +125
Who will Tua Tagovailoa be drafted by?

Player Draft Specials--Which Team Will Draft Tua Tagovailoa: Chargers at plus 300 and Raiders +1400.
How many Wide Receivers will be drafted in the first round?

First Round Specials-- Picks By Position--Total Wide Recievers Drafted in the first round: Under 5.5 +137
When will Jordan Love be drafted?

Jordan Love Draft Position Under 23.5 -110
What will be the order of the first three Wide Receivers drafted?

First 3 Wide Receivers drafted (in order): Jeudy/Lamb/Ruggs +350
What player will the New York Jets select with their first round pick?

New York Jets First Round Pick: Jerry Jeudy +500
Which Team will draft LB Isiah Simmons?

Team to Draft Player, Isiah Simmons Carolina Panthers+300, Isiah Simmons +300, New York Giants +500
How many players from the SEC will be drafted in the First Round?

Total SEC Players taken in the First Round: Under 15.5 -177
Which school will have more players drafted in first round: LSU or Alabama?

More players drafted in first round: Alabama or LSU: LSU +220
How many defensive players will be taken in the first round?

Total Defensive players taken in first round: Under 15.5 -159
How many Running Backs will be taken in the first round?

Total Running Backs taken in the first round: Under 0.5 +150
Which Team will draft Derrick Brown?

Player Draft Specials:Team to Draft Player:Derrick Brown Jacksonville Jaguars +800

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