Well, you knew it would happen once the real season began. The Houston Astros were caught stealing signs electronically the past few years. This is in violation of the rules of Major League Baseball. The Astros the past couple years have had a person in their home stadium in the outfield relaying signs. They did this by relaying what the opposing pitcher was going to throw. Once the sign was picked up by players in the dugout, they would make a crashing noise depending if it was a curve, fastball, changeup and any other kind of pitch. This is a no-no in baseball. Now, the Boston Red Sox were also caught doing this too.

Bottom line is the Astros were cheating and beating teams with this technique. What they were doing is letting the Astros hitters know what pitch was going to be thrown at them. This gives the hitter a definite unfair advantage over the pitcher. They were caught, but not until they won a World Series and almost two in three years with this deceitful advantage. The Astros and Red Sox fired their managers and the Astros fired their General Manager because they were in on this sports scam.

So last night it came to a head. No one has obviously forgotten this shoddy display of cheating. The Astros were playing the Dodgers in regular season game. Dodger pitcher Joe Kelly threw a 90 plus mile an hour fastball over the head of Astros superstar Carlos Correa. This didn’t sit well with Correa and the other Astros hitters. The benches did clear, but there were no punches thrown. This will happen with other teams all season long in this abbreviated 60 game season. It’s an unwritten rule in baseball at any level. You can steal signs by figuring out what signs are being giving by the catcher and coaches, but you cannot use electronic devices to steal signs. We'll see if pitchers will continue to throw at Astros hitters.

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