Last Saturday, families went to a high school baseball field in Connecticut to watch a game. Pretty standard day, nothing to worry about. Right?

Somebody called the police as soon as the fire started, and a teacher at the school took a video of the scene. The video shows one person trying to put out the fire by shoveling more gasoline soaked soil onto the flames. There's no information on how badly the field was damaged, but that's the least of the town's worries for now. The soil that had gasoline poured on it had to be tested and removed, which in turn costed the town thousands of dollars.

The field is expected to be closed for the remainder of the week for soil testing, and the police department are hoping to wrap up the investigation within the next few days. They're still not sure who initially had the idea, or those who decided it was a good enough idea to actually do it. In the meantime, three varsity coaches from the high school have been placed on administrative leave "out of an abundance of caution...pending the conclusion of the police investigation," according to the superintendent.

The residents of the town, like everybody else hearing about this, is wondering why this even happened. One resident in particular was quoted saying, "By now, everybody knows you don't pour gasoline on the soil. You think everybody knows." Even though this makes sense, I can't help but wonder why that resident isn't more concerned with the fact that the gasoline was set on fire. Another said "I get it to a certain degree, but at the end of the day, the decision was not well thought out," which seems like a little bit of an understatement.

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