Any other time of year the most fierce rivalry within Michigan is between the state's largest universities. However with Michigan State just two games away from a national championship, it looks like Ann Arbor is feeling the Green and White as these billboards from Bank of Ann Arbor prove.

The billboards are up in both Washtenaw County and in East Lansing so both communities can see the statewide support that MSU will be enjoying going into the big Final Four Weekend in Minneapolis.

The billboards have sayings like:

  • This week, be bleed green
  • 1979, 2000, 2019?
  • This week, Ann Arbor's in the Izzone

Respect and camaraderie has been coming from U of M throughout the tournament including a moment when Coach B cheering on the Spartans ahead of their match-up with Minnesota.

And then there's social media that proves that not all rivalries can be easily pushed aside. On Bank of Ann Arbor's Facebook page, a few disbelieving Wolverine fans had their say:


No we do not. Come on BofA2.

Of course MSU fans have just one word for U of M fans who can't bring themselves to cheer for Sparty this weekend, "scoreboard."

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