According to a report from The Detroit News, an attorney representing the alleged victim in an ongoing sexual assault investigation involving three suspended MSU football players and a staff member expects formal charges to be filed once the criminal investigation is completed. Karen Truszkowski told The Detroit News that she has been in close contact with MSU Police and Title IX investigators since she began working with the alleged victim nearly two weeks ago.

Truszkowski was directly quoted by The Detroit News as saying, "...once the investigation is finished that arrests will likely be imminent." Truszkowski also says that she believes that investigators are doing everything that they need to, and that the investigation process is going as well as it can. She added that investigators are working with the prosecutor's office. "There will be arrests made," Truszkowski told The News.

As it stands, the identities of the alleged victim and perpetrators are not known. Truszkowski, also a WMU/Cooley Law School professor, previously represented victims in Title IX lawsuits against the Lansing School District regarding their handling of sexual assault reports.

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