So this is the weekend when people are going to storm Area 51, but it's also the week when the US Navy confirmed something some people have believed for years: UFOs are real. If you haven't seen the video that was released in Dec. 2017 that showed a UFO in the sight of fighter pilots, it was confirmed by a Navy spokesman to CNN the objects seen in the various clips are “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAPs.

The video of the UAP was recorded several years before it was released, but no one believed it was anything until now. This video and others have been investigated before by the Defense Dept., but the program has been shut down recently. The Navy and some military intelligence officials aren't confirming that they are UFOs, but in the main article from CNN they say that "We may not be alone in the universe."

If you have never seen the video, you can see it here, plus get more about details on the people that recorded it too.

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