It's been a crazy year for high school football in America. Players were told by their coach to hit the referee, they did. Click here to see that. Another player took a helmet and hit an opposing player.

I honestly believe the player above should be charged for assault with a deadly weapon. In this era of concussions, he should have been made an example of. I believe if he were charged, this type of behavior would be curved.

Now, they have been one upped. In California over the weekend, a player kicked a helmetless opposing player, then was allegedly attacked by the helmetless' players family in the locker room. Get the full story by clicking here.

Players being attacked in the locker room is crossing a line I haven't seen crossed before. Emotions get away from you at sporting events. Then, add in the fact that your (alleged) family was assaulted on the field, I honestly can't believe it hasn't happened more but hope it stops here.