The Detroit Pistons know they have one of the NBA's brightest young stars, and an ESPN report confirmed that Friday.

The reporters gave some praise while not holding back criticism with Drummond's game under Stan Van Gundy.

From the Insider report:

"He is the most dominant rebounder in the league and an elite finisher, and although he's in his fifth season, he's already a good player at age 23 who should be far from his prime years."

"There was great hope for a jump in his production -- and acumen -- playing under Stan Van Gundy. Unfortunately, that jump has not occurred, particularly on the defensive end, where teams are shooting an above average 61 percent at the rim in his presence."

Those quotes don't even reference his abysmal free throw numbers. Drummond as of this writing is shooting 43% from the free throw line, which if it holds is a career best. His career percentage sits at 38.7%.

Still, Drummond's physicality, and ridiculous rebounding ability more often than not makes up for some of those deficiencies.

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