I have written articles about everything about sports and the great city of Lansing. But this is something that I have to talk about. No matter how hard I try to enjoy it, I just hate winter.

Now, I’m the furthest thing from soft, but it’s just annoying. I can stand all the cold, snow, freezing rain, thunder snow, ice whatever! It’s just, it gets old after a while.

It seems after Halloween it’s all downhill. Get ready for the arctic blast for the next five months at least. But it also has to do with dealing with the bad roads, bad drivers and plowing the roads and interstates.

Oh yeah, don’t forget the potholes too.

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With the Pandemic still upon us, it makes it doubly annoying.

Listen, if you don’t ski, snowmobile, skate, or ice fish it also makes it worst. I am going ice fishing this weekend and can’t wait. People, that grow up in the Midwest know what I’m talking about. You’re used to it like I am. That doesn’t mean you like it!

I love that we have four seasons, but it’s time for this season to change. You can draw any conclusion you want. I actually read the Farmer’s Almanac every year and it’s usually right. This year is no different. We've had a long drawn out winter.

Everyone deals with winter in their own way, like consuming soups, hot drinks, extra vitamin C, booze, really just anything that can help the cause. All I can say is, I'm sick of winter this year and I'm sure there are people out there that agree with me.

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