I wouldn't call it ice fishing or fly fishing- more like fishing on the fly. Watch as this majestic bald eagle plucks a seafood dinner from the icy waters of Lake Michigan and enjoys lunch on the beach.

Meet Frankie. He's an eagle named after his home of Frankfort, Michigan, on the shores of the Big Lake, North of Manistee and due West of Traverse City, Frankie has become the mascot of Frankfort Harbor and can be seen sailing on the winds over the waters of "Big Blue," as the locals call it. Glenn Rice of the Facebook group Great Lakes Nerds shot some straight up Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom video of Frankie grabbing dinner. Literally.

Watch as the majestic eagle stalks his prey, swooping twice then nearly hovering over the waters of the bay. He relentlessly follows the fish, adjusting course and keeping it in his sights with the frozen channel marker as a backdrop. Just as you begin to wonder if this is going to be the one that got away, Frankie dives under the water and is almost completely submerged! Then...nothing. The lofty, honorable eagle has suddenly become a meek duck, bobbing up and down in the water. An interminable 20 seconds later you can hear Glenn whisper "Oh, my God, look at that" as Frankie lifts off with the fish firmly in his talons. After a short flight, it's lunch on the beach. You might call it a "self-serve order to go."

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