I was really excited yesterday to see them. It had been a while since they last lost.

They grabbed everything you could from the Champion New England Patriots: General Manager, Head Coach, Players... And the Lions are still losers. Well, they didn't lose the game to Arizona but they lost a lot of fans. Fans who just needed to tune in to the 4th quarter to see...SAME OLD LIONS.

You have to understand the Lions. The coach with the most wins in the history of the organization is Wayne Fontes, and he had a losing record.

They do not care about winning a football game. They only care about keeping their team decent enough for people to still buy tickets and come to Ford Field.

They don't know how to draft. They don't understand how to finish. They don't understand what team tradition means. They are just here to make money.

I would like to thank the Lions for freeing up my Sundays for the rest of the NFL season. Before the first game ended, this season is over.

I suggest getting a can of paint and watching it dry stiff. That would be better than sitting there and laughing like a crazy person at what you are seeing.

I can't laugh anymore at them. It's not funny anymore.

That's why I got the shirt for the day after Lions games. Nobody FREAKIN' CARES... And it shows.

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