Alex Rodriguez is in quite the twilight zone. Yesterday, in New York at his hearing at the Major League Offices this millionaire ballplayer showed his true colors. At the hearing he found out that Bud Selig the king of major league baseball would not be attending. Alex lost his cool and threw a fit.

This millionaire insecure athlete is a Saturday Night skit in the making.

This guy has painted himself into a corner. He already admitted to former S.I. writer Selena Roberts that he did do performance enhancing drugs years ago.

Now, with the Biogensis scandal he finds himself with his high priced lawyers on an island. Don't get me wrong the New York  Yankees and Major League Baseball have all screwed this up . Alex Rodriguez has got the numbers for Cooperstown but he will never get voted into the MLB Hall of Fame. All I can say is Alex has no one to blame but himself for this mess he has found himself in

. This is a sad story and it's coming to an end. Arod was a great ballplayer and even if he stays strong he is in the twilight zone!


Alex Rodriguez drops lawsuits against Major League Baseball, Bud Selig and the player's association. AROD as you know was suspended from Major League Baseball for one years in his part in the Biogenisis scandal and PED's.