The last Chevrolet Impala will roll off the line at Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly today. After 62 years of being one of the quintessential American sedans, our love of crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks has finally done the Impala in.

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According to The Detroit News, 16.8 million Impalas have been sold around the world since 1958. My mom and dad had one back in the 60s. A '65 (I think) 4-door - and kind of a bluish-green color as I remember, with those round tail-lights. My Aunt Donna had a nice, blue, two-door '63 for years. That was a nice ride.

In 1965 Chevy sold a million Impalas. In 2019 they sold about 45,000.

What happened? No Impala could compete with the modern SUVs and their rear seat, high-def, entertainment systems. In the 60s, all we had was a window seat and punching our siblings in the arm for entertainment. The 1960s Corvettes and Camaros were always the stars of the Chevy show - but it was the Impalas that did the grunt work of hauling kids and groceries.

So, if you see an Impala, today - give it a nod.


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