It's almost as if the owners had just decided to get up one morning, and walk away from everything. It is almost as if time had frozen in the early 2000s and refused to move forward from there, only adding on with dust and cobwebs.

For being abandoned, and a bit of a mess, the house appears to still be in great condition.

Look Inside This Abandoned Gaylord Home

The home itself still even has items even left inside of the fridge. Clothes are still inside the closet and left on the bed. Pictures still hung and laid out within the house.

Take a look below at the now abandoned home in Gaylord, Michigan.

Look Inside This Abandoned Home In Gaylord, Michigan

It's almost like the previous owners of this home, had just gotten up one day and walked out of the home. Take a look below.

What did you think of the Michigan home? It isn't in pristine condition, as if it were left untouched since the time the owners left the home, however, for an abandoned home, it is in great condition.

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Take a look at this northern Michigan home, that is allegedly haunted.

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