Well, the A-Rod-apallooza is getting started in Tampa, Florida. What I'm talking about is Alex Rodriguez is back with the New York Yankees after being suspended all of last year for his involvement in the Biogenesis Lab in South Florida.

Alex Rodriguez at one point in time was the best player in MLB. He began his career with Seattle, going to Texas, then getting traded years ago to the New York Yankees. He is on his second quarter-of-a-billion-dollar contract.

Alex Rodriguez is a fraud and all-around bad guy. This guy is still owed $60 million by the Yankee organization.

In a nutshell, A-Rod lied about taking PEDs. He also worked at getting an awful reputation in all of professional sports. He was part of one world championship in his career, with the Yankees. Now, he is approaching 40 years of age and multiple hip surgeries. This is going to be the proverbial dog and pony show down at spring training in Tampa.

Alex Rodriguez has been gone from this team for a year, and since then his so-called friend Derek Jeter has retired. The Steinbrenners have their hands full with this situation. Plus, they owe this scoundrel $60 million in guaranteed salary. They are trying to get that reduced because of his deceit and fraud with PEDS. I guess it is A-FRAUD!