Well we have all been waiting for the decision, and it came down on Saturday afternoon. A-Rod will sit out the entire 2014 season and postseason. He will not be paid the 25 million due to him in salary, but will receive in the neighborhood of six million in bonuses. Alex Rodriguez has been under intense scrutiny for years with PED usage. It finally came to a head. Major League Baseball hired arbitrator Fredric Horowitz to finalize A-Rods future. When the smoke cleared he was suspended for the whole 2014 MLB season and postseason.

Anthony Bosch, founder of the anti-aging clinic Biogenesis said in a "60 Minutes" interview that A-Rod paid him to inject PED's and get him on a planned schedule. Bosch, some what of a shady character, also was hired to turn over evidence to MLB and The Government on A-Rod. He also said he thought A-rod and his associates might plan to rub him out. This is like a James Bond movie, you could call it "PED Finger"

In the end A-Rod is the loser. He loses 25 million in salary, his legacy, people's trust and most of a all a trip to Cooperstown.