Eight hours a day, five days a week, wash, rinse, repeat. The 40-hour work week might not be standard for everyone these days, but it is the definition of a standard work week.

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That concept was introduced by a famous Michigander 96 years ago on September 25, 1926.

Who Do We Have to Thank for the Eight-Hour Workday?

After perfecting the concept of the assembly line for manufacturing automobiles in Detroit, the idea of the eight-hour workday was introduced by none other than Henry Ford. It was Ford who laid out the plan for employees to work eight hours per day, five days a week in order to keep his workers happy, productive, and loyal.

After introducing the 40-hour work week to factory workers in his automotive plants, Ford extended the policy to office workers the following August.

The founder of the Ford Motor Company had a reputation for treating his workers well and believing in the American family, therefore giving workers two days off per week. A five-day work week had theretofore not been the norm. According to Signalz, Ford's treatment of his employees also served as a means of deterring workers from unionizing.

Raising Wages to $5 Per Day

It may not seem like much today, but Henry Ford is revered for raising factory workers' wages in 1914 from $2.34 per day to $5.00 per day. That rate of pay, considered exceptional in the early 20th century came with conditions. According to a special project published by MSU, workers had to meet the following expectations:

  • Abstain from using alcohol,
  • Not inflicting physical abuse on family members,
  • Not taking in boarders,
  • Keeping their homes clean, and
  • Making regular contributions to a savings account.

Keep reading to see inside Henry Ford's former Michigan home - It's a true step back in time.

Take a Look Inside Henry Ford's Exquisite Detroit Home

This beautiful home built in 1908 is dripping with history. It was the home of Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford motor company from 1908 to 1915.

The home's history has been beautifully preserved over the last 100 years and it truly is a step back in time. At the time of this writing, the listing indicates that there is a pending sale in progress, so this unique piece of Detroit history will soon have a new owner.

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