Well Tigers fans, Max Scherzer is gone.

Our favorite heterochromiac turned down the Tigers and their six-year, $144 million offer in favor of the Washington Nationals, who gave him a reported seven-year, $210 million deal.

That's a lot of money. Just how much, though? Here's a nifty list we put together to give you an idea of just how rich Max Scherzer just became.

  • Comerica Park's New Scoreboards

    The Tigers' ballpark added a new scoreboard a couple years ago. Six times the size of the one it replaced, the new scoreboard is about 6,100 square feet and cost $10 million.

  • The Palace of Auburn Hills

    The home of the Detroit Pistons, the Palace of Auburn Hills opened in 1988. It cost just $70 million to build, and it remains one of the better facilities in the NBA 25-plus years later.

  • U.S. Capitol Restoration

    Scherzer's new home will be Washington D.C., where the U.S. taxpayer is spending $50 million to restore the Capitol building.

  • 29 MLB Team Payrolls

    Scherzer's new deal is for more money than what every MLB team except for the Los Angeles Dodgers spent on their rosters last season. The Dodgers spent $235 million in payroll in 2014.

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  • Justin Verlander

    In 2013, the Tigers made their ace one of the highest-paid players in all of baseball. Detroit signed Verlander to a seven-year, $180 million deal, complete with an eighth-year vesting option that would make the contract worth $203 million.

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