The Detroit Tigers (49-37) slaughtered the L.A. Dodgers (51-41) tonight at Comerica park, 14-5. The Dodgers got an early lead in the 1st, starting with a line drive double off the bat of Adrian Gonzalez, to score Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez. A line drive single from Matt Kemp brought home Gonzalez, and Juan Uribe hit a 2 run homer to give the Dodgers a 5 run lead in the 1st. The Tigers fought back hard in the 2nd after Alex Avila hit a line drive single to bring in Torii Hunter for a run. Rajai Davis hit a ground single to gain a run from Nick Castellanos. Avila scored a run after a wild pitch from Hyun-Jin Ryu, Ian Kinsler got a line drive single to score Eugenio Suarez, and Miguel Cabrera hit a line drive single to bring home Rajai Davis to tie up the game. In the 3rd, Rajai Davis hit a ground single to bring in a run from Castellanos, and a sacrifice fly off the bat of Austin Jackson allowed Avila to score another run. A line drive single off the bat of Castellanos scored Cabrera to start in the 4th. Avila was walked to bring in a run from J.D. Martinez. A line drive single hit by Suarez scored Hunter, and another sacrifice fly, this time from Jackson, scored another run by Castellanos. In the 5th, a line drive single from Hunter brought home J.D. Martinez. In the 7th Miggy hit an RBI triple to bring home Ian Kinsler, and a single from Hunter brought in the 14th run. The Tigers play the Dodgers again tomorrow, Game broadcast begins at 12:40 on Lansing's Big Talker, WJIM, 1240 AM.

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