There's good news and bad news for Michigan State in this young Big Ten basketball season.

The bad news is their loss to Penn State on Saturday broke a four game winning streak and knocked them down to the same amount of losses as they had last season.

The good news is the Big Ten being so filled with parity, nobody in the conference has an undefeated record just four games in for most teams.

"Hard to believe, I don't know if I've seen the league where everyone has a loss after two weeks, but that's the way it is right now. I don't know if that's ultimate parity, or if we're [Big Ten conference] not so good at the top" Izzo said Monday during his weekly press conference.

Izzo later went on to describe how Rutgers, who many pick as the bottom of the Big Ten, almost beat Iowa last week and how despite a blowout win over the Scarlet Knights flaws to Izzo's squad were exposed that showed again against Penn State.

Speaking on the loss to Penn State, Izzo was frustrated by his team's slow start.

"For some reason we're getting off to some slow starts on the road in this league. Everybody tells me that's what happens when you have younger players, I ain't liking it too much... I think we've got to get just a little more sense of urgency, I understand our freshmen are freshmen this time of the year, you can't be a freshman anymore"

In other news, Izzo touched on Miles Bridges recovering from his ankle injury suffered back in November. While Izzo thinks Bridges is at 60% capacity, Bridges believes he is more at 80%.

Izzo had a lot of praise for Minnesota during his press conference, saying they should be ranked when rankings come out (they ended up placing 24th in this week's polls). He also gave praise to the job of winning in West Lafayette.

The Spartans will host Minnesota on Wednesday and then will travel to Columbus to play Ohio State on Sunday. You can catch all the action on your home for Spartan Basketball, Classic Rock 94.9 WMMQ and Lansing's Big Talker 1240 WJIM.

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