Craft Beer is all the rage across Michigan and America these days. The Craft Beer industry has become very competitive here, and this year at the U.S. Open Beer Championship several Michigan breweries were honored with medals for their creations. This is considered to be one of the top three serious beer competitions in our country and brewers from across the U.S. and abroad participate in this event. This year's competition considered over 6000 beers with over 140 different styles, and while none of the Michigan Beers made the top ten, we were well represented. This competition would be paradise for craft beer connoisseurs of all styles and brands. You literally have every style available all in one place. I’m sure they have no problems finding judges for this event. Here are the Michigan Breweries that were honored in this contest:

Gold Medals

  • Classic Irish Dry Stout – Cedar Springs Brewing
  • Küsterer Pils – Cedar Springs Brewing
  • Lyon Pride – Third Monk Brewing (South Lyon)
  • U47 – Third Monk Brewing (South Lyon)
  • Dragon’s Milk White – New Holland Brewing (Holland)

Silver Medals

  • Hazy River – New Holland Brewing (Holland)
  • Mallet – Workshop Brewing (Traverse City)
  • Jinkies – Fetch Brewing (Whitehall)
  • Grand Cru – American Harvest Brewpub (Livonia)

Bronze Medals

  • Cinful Imperial Porter – American Harvest Brewpub (Livonia)
  • Bollocks – Haymarket Brewing (Bridgman)
  • Sturgill -Haymarket Brewing (Bridgman)
  • Gose Like Swayze – Territorial Brewing (Springfield)
  • Dragon’s Milk Solera – New Holland Brewing (Holland)
  • Maple Grenade – Silver Harbor Brewing ( St. Joseph)

Just click here if you would like to see a complete list of winners.

MLive reports:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, judging was held in both the United States and Canada in Atlanta, Oxford, Ontario and Welland, Ontario. Judging in the U.S. Open Beer Championships is blind, and judges know only the categories not the names or locations of beers being judged.

Michigan sports some very popular craft brew brands, and the Craft Beer lovers in our state love their local specialties. Enjoy one of Michgan’s best! Always remember to drink responsibly.

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