If you like camping in the winter, 12 state parks in Michigan have you covered.

I absolutely love camping in Michigan, but there's no way I could camp in the winter. Nothing about that sounds fun to me. Being perpetually cold sounds awful but to each their own I guess.

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If you are a winter enthusiast, Michigan has several state parks where you can go camping during these cold months. Yes, I know that many places offer cabins and other ways to stay warm, but when I think of camping, I think of warm nights by the fire with a cold beer in hand. I definitely don't think winter gear.

Throughout the great state of Michigan, outdoor activities are offered year-round. Just be sure to do your research as some of the state parks listed below do not offer modern restrooms or showers during the winter months. There are, however, many places where you can rent an RV for your trip. Some campgrounds even have cabins, yurts, geodesic domes, and lodges. If you're a lunatic that likes to rough it, well, good luck. You are a stronger person than me for sure!

To make reservations for winter camping in Michigan, click here. When making your reservation you will need to know the dates and what type of equipment you'll be taking (tent, truck camper, RV, etc...) You'll also have to select whether you want a campsite, backcountry option, or Tentrr Safari Tent. Click above for all the details.

I guess RV's wouldn't be so bad, but there is no way in hell I could ever lug a tent into the wilderness in the middle of winter for a relaxing weekend. I'm just not built that way.

Source: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

12 Michigan State Parks That Offer Winter Camping Options

If you are a winter enthusiast, there are 12 Michigan State Parks that offer winter camping options for you to enjoy. 

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