He's lived an incredible life and isn't done yet, thanks to bologna sandwiches.

For the most part, doctors will tell you that there's no secret to living a long healthy life.  They will tell you to exercise, eat healthily and reduce stress. Frank Mekina, who just turned 105 years old last Tuesday, September 6th, credits a mixture of meats and wine with his longevity according to WKYC,

Living day to day, taking life as it comes, avoiding worry, and a bologna sandwich for lunch and a glass of wine every evening.

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I have to be honest, this made me curious.  No, I don't think eating mystery meat will help you live into your 100s.  However, this made me ask the question, "what is in bologna?"  According to SClydeWeaver.com bologna contains meats, fat, water, pickling spices, myrtle berry and sugar,

The main ingredient in bologna is ground meat, which could be any combination of pork, beef, chicken and turkey or only one of those meats.

Frank has lived quite an active life in his 105 years so far.  He lived through the Great Depression, he helped repair ships for the Navy in Pearl Harbor, and was married for 68 years until his wife passed away in 2010 according to WKYC.

Believe it or not, Frank is not the oldest person currently living in Ohio.  Alma Kahl is 111 years old and Ruby Lockhart is 110 years old.  The oldest living person in the United States according to Gerontology.fandom.com/ is Bessie Hendricks, an Iowa resident who turned 115 years old this November.

Happy Birthday, Frank.

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