There are so many great things about warmer weather like being able to get out on the water, catch a ball game, lounge on the beach, camp, I could go on and on.

But one of my favorite parts is all of the fun yard games.

I'm super excited to try out this new game I bought for my camping trip called 'Battle Bags.'

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What Is This 'Battle Bags' You Speak Of?

It has the same concept as most yard games, the first to 21 wins.

Each team has four bags, just like cornhole and the goal is to sink the bags into the baskets. The tricky part is that the baskets spin.

Here's the break down of the point system

  • Small baskets are 3 points
  • Medium baskets are 2 points
  • Large baskets are 1 point

You can get it at Walmart for under $25 now!

Here's a video of how to play if you're like me and you do better with a visual explanation.

Cornhole is a Fan Favorite

Almost everywhere I go, cornhole is set up if there's some sort of outdoor setting at a bar/restaurant.

Hey, I'm not complaining! I love me some bags. It's a nice break from pool and darts.

I have a few friends that play in cornhole tournaments throughout the summer. There's actually a cornhole tournament coming up in Traverse City if you're interested.

What is your favorite yard game?

If you don't really have any yard games and you're wondering what it is you should stock up on, check these ones out!

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