Maybe it's because I'm a DJ and talk for a living. Maybe it's because I've heard so many mispronunciations over the years. Maybe it's just a "thing" with me.

Maybe it's all of the above. But it's very important to me to make sure that I pronounce a person's name correctly. Don't get me wrong I occasionally mispronounce a name and it drives me crazy, so if I'm in doubt at all about pronouncing someone's name, I'll ask them or someone who knows.

Which leads me to the following, but in this case for places not people. This is pretty much what I had to do when it came to the pronunciations for the county names below. You may see some of these and think, "He didn't know how to pronounce that?" I can't be the only person (I think) to not know how to say these names so I made some calls for some pronunciations for 10 Michigan Counties below that you may not know how to say.

If your county didn't make the cut, I apologize. That is because I knew the pronunciation. By the way, I knew a couple of the pronunciations here below but for the rest I had to call the clerks office in each of the counties that I wasn't sure of how to pronounce. So if you're reading this and you work at your county clerk's office and you see your county here and you remember that you got a call on Friday afternoon from some dummy who asked you to pronounce your county...well, I was that dummy...

Here we go...

10 County Names That Even Michiganders Can't Pronounce

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