The final report on the Miami Dolphins' alleged bullying scandal came in last week. It was found that offensive tackle Jonathan Martin truly was tormented with abuse. His teammates Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey pushed kidding into very abusive bullying.

Incognito was suspended by the Dolphins when Martin left the team because of the abuse he was subjected to. The NFL went through a very conclusive  investigation and found that the abuse was racist, sexual and very personal. Martin never returned and Incognito never played another down with the Dolphins last season.

We will never know the full truth of this horrible situation, but one thing we do know is that this locker room was a garbage pit for abuse and bullying. Martin was buried with vicious remarks about his mom and sister and racial abuse ass well. Football is a tough game but breaking a guy's spirit for a few laughs, obviously had gone too far.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell earned more than $44 million during the 12-month period that included the 2012 NFL season. Point being that this abusive scandal happened on his watch--earn your fat paycheck.

This awful situation will pass, but what next? Football has been around a long time and so has bullying and racism. The NFL has to do a better job of red flagging these awful things. The players, coaches and media have to do a better job of being better people.