When all is said and done will the Miami Heat's LeBron James be the greatest NBA player of all time? This young man out of Akron,Ohio came out of high school with 130 million dollars in his bank account before he was drafted by his hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers. The jump from high school into the pro's didn't even phase this young superstar. Year's later after his contract was up with Cleveland, and no championship he leaves to join the Miami Heat. A very controversial move with the Northeast fan base and the owner MSU grad Dan Gilbert. The Chosen One as James is called joined Dwade and Chris Bosh in South Florida.Since then they have won 2 back-to-back world championships out of three tries. LeBron James has won multiple MVP's and is regarded now as the top player in the world.Names like Jordan , Magic, Bird,Kareem,Kobe, Russell,Wilt,Mikan, are regarded with a few other legendary players in the history of the NBA. But whether LeBron James is call the King, Chosen One ,Truth he now is being deemed the greatest of all time.People say when his career is over he will be the best ever ,but will they judge him on individual merit or on NBA championships. To be honest I believe he is a top five player ever right now. LeBron James has a way to go before he's done and don't ever bet against him!