When you think you've seen about everything in sports, Peyton Manning will make you a new believer. The Denver Bronco and former Colts quarterback has put together the best single season in NFL history.

In 15 games so far this year, he has thrown a record 51 touchdown passes, and over 5,211 yards. He has done this with many different combinations of receivers. Manning is the master of changing plays at the line of scrimmage, and putting a team on his back for a win.

The Denver Broncos are shooting for the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Manning has won only one Super Bowl when he was in Indy. When Peyton Manning is done he will be one of the most accomplished quarterbacks ever, but he's gunning for another Super Bowl. Also, don't forget Manning has comeback from a very serious neck injury that kept in out for the entire season two years ago. When you are talking about leaders, pure passers, and all around great players my money is on Peyton Manning.