Well the Detroit Lions lost another game in which the should have won . This story is beyond old, this team should be alone in first place in their division. Now, we will watch them play on Thanksgiving Day versus the Green Bay Packers. Every Thanksgiving the Lions play in their traditional turkey day game. I am getting sick of a franchise who never gets close to the Super Bowl worrying about this game. The owner Ford Sr. will go down as one of the worst in pro sports history. This man cares more about this game than getting his team better and going deep into the playoffs. If I we're in the NFL offices I would take this game away from them. The Lions do not deserve to be on the national scene any longer until they show a commitment to going to the Super Bowl. Sure, they have some outstanding and high priced players but this formula is not working. Please Mr. Ford let your son take total control of this franchise. Have a great holiday season!