I told all of you a couple of weeks ago this would happen. The head coach of the Detroit Lions Jim Schwartz would end up in a football purgatory. This team has self destructed, losing games they shouldn't have.

This collapse has been awful. The Lions have gone from easily winning their division, to be eliminated. If Jim Schwartz doesn't lose his job it's a miracle. After, the last game he was arguing with the Lions home fans in Motown. Then, a day after that horrible loss he tried to sell to the fans and media that this season isn't a failure! What are you kidding me, can you believe this guy ......no class.

I will always believe until Ford Sr. is out of the picture, that this team is cursed. This season has been an absolute failure. I can feel it once again, the Lions will dole out another large paycheck to a failure. This song is real old, Jim Schwartz is 29-50 as Lions head coach with one playoff appearance. He is living on borrowed time. Get him out of here!