The Detroit Pistons are still a lousy team. With the addition of veteran head coach Mo Cheeks and former Piston Sheed Wallace, this team still is very marginal. With player additions like Josh Smith, Brandon Jennings, and another former Piston, veteran Chauncy Billups, this team is still awful.

The Pistons now have lost five of six games. Detroit is now (14-19), and have just not played strong basketball. Last year Lawrence Franks was their head coach, and he was awful. Detroit is a tough nosed city and they don't like to lose. With the Lions and Pistons losing, it's a way of life.

Tom Gores owns the Pistons and he is a self made millionaire. My thought pattern is he wasn't stupid in building his empire, but he needs to be a better hands on owner. He has put his eggs all in G.M. Joe Dumars basket, and this guy needs to be shown the door. If the Pistons are going to get better they need better franchise direction, instead of people just collecting paychecks.