Still icy roads out there today but the bigger problem for many in Michigan is lack of power.  Electricity was knocked out during Saturday's ice storm to hundreds of thousands of residents in what some are calling the worst storm in decades.

Some have been told they won't have service until 'after' Christmas but the majority of them should have power restored by tomorrow.  Some areas, through the mid Michigan area to the western part of the state said to be hit the hardest by Mother Nature's blast of winter.  There, some neighborhoods are being described as war zones with downed trees and powerlines trapping people inside their houses and keeping those--brave enough to venture outside--from leaving their community.

There are also warnings out there today from power companies about downed power lines due to the icing.  They include advising people who see the wires not to come in contact with them and stay 'at least' 25 feet away.   Those with Consumers Energy are asking those affected by power outages to contact the company immediately.  They say they have no way of knowing you are without service unless you report it.   The number to do that is (800) 447-5050.   By contrast, those at The Board of Water and Light say there is no need to contact them out power outages.  In fact, they are asking you not to.  Instead, they want to hear from those who are reporting the whereabouts of downed powerlines.   That number is (517) 702-6006.