Any good Spartan Football fan knows the Mark Dantonio years have had no shortage of trick plays full of excitement. Among them lies "Hey Diddle Diddle", a fake punt from the team's 2013 Rose Bowl season featuring Mike Sadler.

July 23 this summer will mark the one-year anniversary since Sadler's tragic death in a car accident alongside fellow B1G kicker Sam Foltz. Remembered, in part, as a craft brewer, Sadler now has a beer in his honor.

Today, Colorado-based brewer Jagged Mountain announced it will be adding the "Hey Diddle Diddle" wheat ale to it's line up early next month.

According to the brewery, the beer will build off of Sadler's "favorite creations" and will donate a portion of sales to the Mike Sadler Foundation which works to promote "academic excellence, athletic achievement, leadership and character strength". At the time of his death, Sadler was volunteering at a kicking camp for young players in Wisconsin.