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Just like "Magic" Johnson, John Smoltz is also one of Lansing's favorite sons. Smoltz attended Lansing Catholic Central and transferred to Lansing Waverly. He toyed with the idea of playing college baseball and hoop. Then, the Detroit Tiger's drafted Smoltz to be in the Tiger farm system where he played for the Lakeland Tiger's . The Tiger's traded John Smoltz to the Atlanta Braves Organization for Doyle Alexander, and after that John Smoltz turned into the phenom he knew he could be. John Smoltz won a Cy Young,World Series, was a multiple All Star and has won many awards. In his storied career he had arm problems which lead him from a starter to a close back to a starter. Smoltz ended his career with Boston and then finally St. Louis. When it's all said and done John Smoltz will get to Cooperstown and end up a member of The  Baseball Hall of Fame.That's why he, like "Magic" Johnson, is one of Lansing's favorite sons.