The list is in place for this years Super Bowl ads. Yes, the list consists of fourteen advertisers and Fox has sold out all of its TV broadcast times which the company announced this week. Fox isn't tipping their hand for what they charged for a 30-second spot, but my guess is it's in the neighborhood of $4 million dollars. Last year the average 30-second spot was $3.8 million. This years Super Bowl will be played in New Jersey. The New York market is great for an advertiser, because it's a large draw and people will be drawn to this great event. The Super Bowl is almost a national holiday and watched all over the world. This years commercial time is close to $4 million dollars and some people are phobic to watch them. To me, these commercials are a stepping stone for all 2014 ad campaigns. You better mark Feb. 2 on your calendar because this years Super Bowl will very interesting. Sports fans do go crazy for their Super Bowl ads.