Finally, the Detroit Lions did something right......they fired head coach Jim Schwartz. They owe him in the neighborhood of 12 million dollars with his guaranteed contract. In today's market that's a bargain to get rid of this joker.

This guy was a bad hire from the beginning. He threw red flags when you couldn't and many of his players got into trouble with the law. To me he just was a bad fit. The only reason he did fit in, he lost a lot of games the Lions should have won. Last week the Lions had a press conference after being eliminated from the playoffs, Schwartz told the media this year wasn't a failure! What was it? This guy just doesn't get it, and what's worse he skates out of Motown with another 12 million dollars in his hand.

This team at one point this season was 6-3, finishing 7-9 and missing the playoffs again. The 47-year-old Jimbo went 29-51 and got the Lions to one postseason appearance in 2011. Jim Schwartz had a five-year tenure with the Lions. Well, who will be the next Detroit Lions head coach? This list has grown far and wide. Every guy seems doomed from the start. The Lions have burned money with salaries to coaches and executives. This will be very interesting to see who is the next victim.