Matt Millen & Lion's Owner William Clay Ford will go down in infamy as two of the worst owner/general manager duo's in the history of professional sports. Millen wasn't qualified to be President & G.M. of the Lions, but was hired anyway. Listen, I could continue how awful of a job Matt Millen did as the man in charge, but I don't have a year or so. Millen was just a running joke with fans, media and anyone who would like a great laugh. The only thing worse is the owner of the Detroit Lions, William Clay Ford. The fan base, and the whole world deserve better than what has transpired since the Ford's have owned the Lions since the early sixties. Matt Millen worked as the Main Man for the Ford's, and like I said earlier he will go down as the worst executive in the history of pro sports. His boss William Clay Ford is a nice and charitable fellow but stinks as an owner. Happy Holidays, the Detroit Lions find themselves in first place in the NFC Central? Could this be their year..........NO!