The head coach of the Detroit Lions is Jim Schwartz and his act is getting old. It was two years ago when this team made the playoffs, last year the Lions record was 4-12. This year they continue to lose games that they should win. The Lions should have wrapped up a playoff birth by now. That hasn't happened due to many variables. This year's team continues to shoot themselves in the foot. Jim Schwartz is the head coach, so he is responsible for these foolish mistakes. Managers and head coaches don't play the game, they set the tone for the rest of the team. Schwartz, will not take this team to the Super Bowl. His team is not disciplined, continue to make stupid mistakes and just fall into the Detroit Lions losing mentally. Detroit has some great players, maybe this franchise is jinxed but he isn't the answer as their leader. He is really falling into the category of all the past Lions head coaches. In the end they all get fired and the Lions organization start over again. Coach Schwartz even if you do make the playoffs you're next on the scrap heap.