Kobe "Bean" Bryant is getting ready to make his grand return to the Lakers lineup . Bryant has been out of action for sometime with a severe knee injury. The Los Angeles Lakers are a lightning rod for constant controversy. This franchise has been one of the all-time bests ever, with names like Wilt, Earvin, Kareem, and Kobe. There has been much turmoil during his career out of high school. This prodigal child of a superstar hoop player was a star even as a rookie. He has won multiple NBA Championships along with a few MVP's. This man has always been the subject of scrutiny. Bryant has never suffered such an awful injury as last year. His knee was tore up so bad, that it has taken months for it to heal properly. Kobe won with and without Shaq, now he is trying to get his final years back on track. Also, he just signed a forty eight million dollar contact that was front loaded.  When his career is over, his name will be in the Hall of fame. Kobe "Bean" Bryant will always be talked about as one of the best ever in NBA history.